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Heron Aviation

Mission Statement

Heron Aviation puts trust, security, safety and discretion in the foreground of all business relationships. In particular we value honesty to our customers and this characterizes the Heron Aviation team.

Air Independence

The Air Independence GmbH was founded in 1998 as a German aerospace company in the field of private and business aviation with its headquarters in Munich. We are operating under EU & EASA OPS standards and we are around the world at your service.

For us at Air Independence, aviation is the epitome of great responsibility, but flying is our passion!


transavia ist mit ihren verbundenen Unternehmen eine moderne Fluggesellschaft, lizensiert und zertifiziert nach den neuesten europäischen Betriebsvorschriften. Für den Passagierverkehr im Geschäftsreisebereich kommen moderne Turboprop- und Jet - Flugzeuge zum Einsatz.